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Passion with a Purpose

ICONIC FILM Group – IFG began in 2017. Our clientele base was primarily Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago. As an Independent production company in such a competitive and oversaturated marketplace, the goal was to provide major media services to small studios, musicians, artists, independent filmmakers, Mid-To-Large businesses, or corporations at a price that fit their budgets. As IFG began to acquire a larger client base the team began to grow into much more than just a sole entrepreneurship.

In the years following our clientele base grew significantly… Our creative team works from a place of passion on every production, “If it’s something we all believe in then the sky’s the limit”. In order for a work of art to reach its full potential, it has to start with an amazing idea or concept met with individuals that have the highest standards of quality and a finisher mentality. IFG can help in creating compelling stories and beautiful Imagery that’ll stand the test of time.

Thai Edwards


Founder | Creative Director

Thai Edwards is an accomplished Actor, Model, and Entrepreneur he founded IFG in late October of 2017. Thai is the lifeblood of ICONIC FILM GROUP and uses a “By any means necessary mind set with a “Get It Done” approach to business and serves as the driving force, behind and sometimes in front of the camera to ensure the success, marketability, profitability, and distribution of all IFG projects and productions. As a man of many talents and one who wears many hats within the IFG infrastructure his gift is in his ability to effortlessly and effectively communicate his visions and ideas to his partners, cast, and crew and to procure, enlist and unite key players from all platforms and areas of expertise to ensure the success of our projects. Unlike most creatives he’s a businessman first and an artist second… He believes that everything starts and ends with a number. Our primary objective here at IFG is to create media and productions that generate the kind of numbers that make us, our clients and distributors happy. 

Thai has over 26 years collectively within the entertainment industry and has built and established powerful and solid relationships with key players of every walk of life which outside monetary contributions provide IFG the resources required to meet or facilitate the needs of every IFG project. Thai understands that in order to truly make a difference in the world and to help usher or influence change you have to envision, create, and then produce the content that needs to be seen in order to help create awareness, and to change the narratives that have negatively impacted the culture and the world.

                                   it’s a vibe…

IFG is where ideas and great minds meet, ICONIC FILM Group and our affiliates love creating and developing story driven feature films, shorts, music videos, commercials, movie trailers, TV Shows and documentaries. We’re capable of serving video productions for small or large businesses, including non-profit. IFG will help you take your vision from conception to final delivery.

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