In Development

IFG Studios is constantly working at developing and producing film and Television productions that are not only entertaining but thought provoking as well. We pride ourselves on changing or challenging the narratives in our story-telling.

“AND THEN YOU DIE” – Feature Film

Synopsis: Returning home after being discharged from the Navy Seals, Shawn Armstrong is thrust into a new mission… to find the murderers of his brother Scott, and Scott’s fiancée Cynthia. Searching for clues, he uncovers the involvement of his heroin-addict brother Antoine who is being tracked down by ruthless crime lord Nick Rodgers for the theft of five million in diamonds. Aided by Cynthia’s sister Jasmine, Shawn recruits the help of his former Seal buddy Braddock. Together they fight to stay alive while finding more clues to avenge their deaths, all the while Shawn has to deal with the demons of his past. The final action packed showdown pits discipline and sheer will against strength, Seal against Seal, and the martial arts skill of a hero against a madman.  Payback is a bitch…And Then You Die!”

Tiger Master “The Karl Mitchell Story (Working Title) – Documentary 

Coming Soon

DEAD Wrong –  (Working Title) – Feature

Coming Soon