the ice cream stop

“When the American Dream meets tragedy, the course of many lives will change forever.”

Executive Producers/Writers of The Ice Cream Stop


(Left to Right) Director and Co-Writer of The ICE CREAM STOP Raul Perez, ICONIC FILM Group’s Founder/Creative Director Thai Edwards alongside Creator and Writer of The ICE CREAM STOP Marcelle Baber.

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The Ice Cream Stop is a story about Dr. Michael Harris and his wife Tameka Harris. A beautiful life that turns tragic. Dr. Harris (Thai “THE THAIGA” Edwards) returns home from work after working a double shift at the hospital to find his pregnant wife Tameka (Nicola Lambo) waiting patiently in bed. They converse for a short time highlighting the events of their day. Before going to bed Mike asks if she needed anything? Reluctantly, she tells him that she’s craving ice cream. It is after 3 am, but the devotion he has for his wife and mother of their first child is far more important than his exhaustion so he goes to make a store run and on his way home one brief encounter changes their lives forever.

Creator: Marcelle Baber

Writers: Marcelle Baber, Raul Perez and Thai Edwards

Director: Raul Perez

ScreenPlay: Thai Edwards

Executive Producers: Thai Edwards, Tara McClain, Terry McClaine, Marcelle Baber, Raul Perez 

Runtime: 26:26

Release: TBD 2nd Quarter 2023

Filmed: Burbank, Hollywood USA

Raul Perez Directing



Raul Perez was born in West Covina and raised in Corona CA, and has been regarded as a fast up-and-coming Latino filmmaker. His passion for telling edgy and dramatic stories comes from studying visionary directors like Tony Scott, Michael Bay, and David Ayer. His latest and most notable piece of work Co-Produced, Directed and edited. “The Ice Cream Stop”, is a gripping story of a loving husband and soon-to-be father, who is confronted by the dark side of the law. Raul acted at ICONIC FILM Group – IFG as one of three Executive Producers and the Executive Director of Media Production. The ICE CREAM STOP was the first and only film project completed with IFG before venturing out to start his own production venture.

Award-Winning Actor Thai "THE THAIGA" Edwards
Award-Winning Actress Nicola Lambo
Award-Winning Actor Dustin Harnish
Award-Winning Actor Chris Levine
Award-Winning Actor Paul Logan
Award-Winning Actor Jed Dennis